14 December

Tounge Cleaner Patent 2018

Multivariate mouthwash patents are one of the oral health needs that you have never heard or heard about. 32 teeth only make up about 20% of the oral surface, which is much less than the surface of the tongue, since it is not flat on the tongue, it has very small erosions. Obviously, on such a large level, colonies of microbes and bacteria are formed, and the result of their life and activity is nothing but a bad smell.

Therefore, daily cleansing of the tongue plays an important role in reducing the number of bacteria. By reducing bacteria, unpleasant activities such as oral odor, tooth decay and gum disease are greatly reduced. In 1396, we began to design and patent a new language patch, consisting of Tongue Scraper and Tongue Brush. Click here to read the patent text.

Tongue eraser consisting of tongue cleaner and tongue cleaner for mouth rash and mouth tongue

Soon, this eraser language can be purchased through the Permanent Healthcare website.

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