bad breath
15 November

Bad breath has psychological effect on the patients

psychopathologic aspects of halitosis (bad breath) Psychopathologic aspects of halitosis is a contravertial issue. The reports from various countries reveals that halitosis has psychological effect on the patients. The patients with class 1 halitosis has measurable bad breath with more or less psychologic sumptoms. In 4th international congress on psychosomatics (2012) in Isfahan, we explain psychological problems of halitosis patients. You can read the abstract here. Persian full text is also available. Abstract Psychopathologic aspects of the patients with class I halitosis (genuine halitosis) Alireza Talebian Dental Private practice Roghayeh Iranpour Dental Private practice Mahmood Nasiri Psychologic Nursing Department, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Esfahan University of Medical Sciences …

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halitosis clinic
27 March

Halitosis Clinic in Iran , Esfahan by Dr Talebian

Halitosis clinic was established in Esfahan on 22 Nov 2005. Until 21 April 2015, 454 patients from more than 20 provinces and some other countries visited the clinic. Although we offere the service in a dental clinic, in time of presence of the halitosis patients, no regular dental patients are present in the clinic. This is to respect the privacy of the halitosis patients.

ادامه مطلب