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15 November

Bad breath has psychological effect on the patients

psychopathologic aspects of halitosis (bad breath)

Psychopathologic aspects of halitosis is a contravertial issue. The reports from various countries reveals that halitosis has psychological effect on the patients. The patients with class 1 halitosis has measurable bad breath with more or less psychologic sumptoms. In 4th international congress on psychosomatics (2012) in Isfahan, we explain psychological problems of halitosis patients. You can read the abstract here. Persian full text is also available.


Psychopathologic aspects of the patients with class I halitosis (genuine halitosis)

Alireza Talebian Dental Private practice

Roghayeh Iranpour Dental Private practice

Mahmood Nasiri Psychologic Nursing Department, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Esfahan University of Medical Sciences

Mehdi Tazhibi Epidemiology and Vital Statistics Department, Health Faculty, Esfahan University of Medical Sciences

Mansoureh Talebian M.S.  in Consulting


The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between actual amount of halitosis and psychopathologic  Profile of the patients with class I halitosis (genuine halitosis).


 The records of 86 patients referred to a halitosis clinic in Esfahan in a period of three years were studied. Halitosis was evaluated  organolepticaly  on a scale of zero to five by one dentist .To determine the type of bad breath for each patient, the dentist performed  “oral examination” and “mouth cleaning  and  rinsing test” . 71 patients (82.6%) were diagnosed  with “physiologic halitosis, and 15 patients (17.4%)  with oral pathologic halitosis.  Since these kinds  of halitosis are the subgroups of  the genuine halitosis therefore all the patients were categorized in genuine halitosis .


 mental problems were in order : additional questions > Psychotism> somatization > obsession and compulsion >anxiety >depression > hostility > interpersonal sensitivity > paranoid thoughts > phobiaAlso based on GSI cut off point, 54 (62.8%) persons  were healthy and 32 persons (37.2%) were affected by psychological conditions to some degree.


the prevalence of mental health problems among  the visitors to the bad breath clinic is relatively high, and with the use of SCL-90R , intensity and dimensions of the mental problems can be evaluated. But it is not clear whether halitosis is the  result or the cause of the psychological problems that should be investigated  in future researches.

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