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27 March

Halitosis Clinic in Iran , Esfahan by Dr Talebian

Halitosis clinic was established in Esfahan on 22 Nov 2005. Until 21 April 2015, 454 patients from more than 20 provinces and some other countries visited the clinic. Although we offere the service in a dental clinic, in time of presence of the halitosis patients, no regular dental  patients are present in the clinic. This is to respect  the privacy of the halitosis patients.

Diagnosis of Halitosis

A key factor in the successful treatment of halitosis , is identifying  the cause. Using organoleptic assessment (clinical nose) some tests are performed to measure the odor of  the gums, nose, throat, tongue, and the mouth. The amount of sulfur gases of the mouth is measured by a professional device with a precision of 1 in 1000.000.000 (ppb) and during the measurement a curve is plotted on the screen of a laptop. The third diagnostic procedure that lasts about 1 hour is ” Mouthwash Test”. If you want to read more information about our treatment approach, please refer to an article published  in 2008. We determine the cause of halitosis on the basis of these tests.

Halitosis Treatment Methods

In 99% of the cases, halitosis treatment is simple that consists of mechanical and chemical methods. The mechanical method is cleaning of  the tongue and the teeth surfaces which is completed with chemical methods i.e.  mouthwash prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can halitosis be eradicated?

In 99% of the cases, halitosis cannot  be eradicated as it is the case for many diseases such as hypertension and diabetes and tooth decay. The treatment can only control and reduce the condition as long as theprescribed products are used and it starts again when the treatment discontinued. Only in 1% of the cases,  halitosis originates from a disease. When it is removed from the body, halitosis disappears.

How many diagnostic sessions  is needed and how should we make an appointment ?

Please do not visit without prior coordination. Our diagnostic method is organized in such a way that a three-hour  session is sufficient to reach a diagnosis. To make an appointment, please contact us.

What  considerations  should be observed on the appointed day?

-Please abstain from food and do not use dental  floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash. Please do not use any perfume. If needed, only rinse your mouth with water.

– Again, it is emphasized that you should not use any perfume for your clothing.

-Three days before attending, avoid any food containing raw garlic or onion and also avoid any food containing sausages.

– If you are a user of oral prostheses, please bring it out of your mouth in the night before your appointment.

– Do not take any antibiotics during  two weeks before your appointment.

– If you suffer from any diseases that affect the respiratory system (like common cold and severe cough), please do not make an appointment.

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