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I was born in Abadan in 1966 and spent my elementary and middle school in this city. I spent my high school in Saadi high school in Isfahan and was sent to the military service in 1985.

In 1992, I received a degree in dentistry at Shahed University (Tehran). It took me 5 years to finish my dental education. In 1993, I married Dr. Iranpour Gurari. I graduated from the university in March 1997 with a thesis.
Work Experience
I went to the city of Abdanan and the valley of the city of Ilam province to study the period of the human resource planning project in the province of Ilam for three years. I returned to Isfahan city in April 2002 in Isfahan, and from June the same year I work at a private office. The first oral health clinic was established in 2005 in Isfahan.
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18 lectures and research projects

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5 Books and ISI Articles

2 books on dentistry biochemistry and 3 oral stomach papers

2 Patents

A patent for oral hygiene products and a patent for a new eraser language.

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Published article on mouth odor in the British Journal (2008)
Book of Dentistry Biochemistry 2015
Master Thesis Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry, 2013
Mahyaran Salamat Paya (Private Joint Stock Company) 2016
Research project of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences 2009
Tounge Cleaner Patent 2018
First oral health conference 2018
The first mouth-watering clinic in 2005

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